I’m a graduate student at the University of Delaware in the Hagley Program. My research interests are varied, but my primary focus is American culture, gender, labor/leisure, and capitalism. I’m also interested in critical pedagogy and public humanities. To that end, I recently completed a graduate certificate in Museum Studies and I’m currently finishing a secondary teaching certificate in social studies.

As an educator, sharing my passion for history with students is a privilege and a joy. I believe that teaching is at its best when it incorporates students’ lived experiences. For me, this involves collaborative, project based learning that allows students to learn about history by practicing it through the development of questions, research plans, and various forms of writing that communicates their findings.

Teaching is a creative vocation that requires fine tuning; no singular formula or method applies to each school year, each class, or each student. I believe that education is a useful tool to encourage the application of historical and cultural literacy in public discourse. Students who are informed about the construction of the past are better prepared to challenge structural forms of racism, sexism, other manifestations of bigotry, as well as imbalances of power. 

I’m currently at work on an article length project. It is a study of crepe paper in the United States at the turn of the twentieth century regarding gender, business, and leisure.

When I’m not in the classroom or reading about culture, my hobbies include knitting, photography, and playing guitar.